BOSTON IVY PREP, INC. (BIP) is a professional academic consulting and educational services company
located in the nation's most academic city of Boston in the Northeast region. BIP provides the academic
consulting services of the utmost quality to fit each student's specific needs through our years of
experience in order for our students to enter the top U.S. middle/high schools and universities.


Our professional academic consultant provides fast and accurate information in various academic
areas such as education, admissions, internship, and summer activities. Also, our academic team is
made up of the top tutors, teachers and lecturers, who are also Bachelor's and Master's graduates of
The Ivy League universities, teaching individual students according to their specific needs and
abilities to help them reach their highest potentials.


BIP has continuously maintained a close relationship with the top middle and high schools nationwide,
especially those in the Northeast region. With such valuable relationships at hand, we do our best
to enroll our students to the top school of their choice. As a result, numerous students from
BIP were able to enter the best middle/high schools in the past number of years.


With the support and trust of our students, their parents and numerous academic institutions,
towering top school acceptance and enrollment rates are BIP's pride and joy as a professional academic
consulting and educational services company.


We, Boston Ivy Prep, Inc., promise to do our best for the bright futures of your children.




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